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Where to eat

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Cantine Menhir Salento

White, red, rosé... we often stop in the shady garden of this winery (with its own production facilities) to enjoy wine and cheese tasting.
quota 29 is one of the best known wines, produced - in fact - in a large vineyard at 29mt above sea level.

Trattoria Retró

The cosmopolitan Salvatore makes us drunk in all languages. He traveled long before meeting his love in the French-speaking Switzerland and returning to his country of origin to cook what the land offers, and taking up some of the traditional recipes such as the "paparine" (the leaves of the poppy plant, before the flower) and parmesan on the plate.

Ristorante Laltro Baffo

One of the oldest restaurants in Otranto. According to many, the best in the city. Open kitchen and traditional dishes revisited in a creative way with modern cooking techniques, such as: orecchiette with turnips anchovies and pine nuts or sea urchin carbonara or monkfish in oil, almond and basil extract and more.

Ristorante La vecchia Otranto

In the historic center of Otranto, a place where you can find the characteristic architecture of the barrel vaults and stone walls. Giancarlo offers the typical menú of the restaurants where local people go to eat:pasta with mussels or scampi, roasted fish, fried fish, grilled octopus and to finish his excellent homemade limoncello.

Osteria del Vico

Set in the historic center of Gallipoli, the city of fishermen; therefore, you cannot miss the chance to taste good fish. Federico and his staff, including his mother, know how to welcome their guests warmly. The abundant and delicious appetizers cannot be missed.

Panificio Caroppo

Donato and his family produce everything at km zero, from grain to bread and buns with cheese. He is first of all a farmer and then a baker.
If we have time we never miss a visit to the huge stone oven and to listen to the beautifully played popular music (by our guides!)

Hosteria del Pardo

In one of the loveliest spots in Leuca. Immersed in the greenery of a lush Mediterranean scrub and surrounded by typical dry stone walls, our friend Federico offers the flavours of the sea and the land, cooked in respect of tradition and made with always fresh ingredients. Do not miss the bitters prepared by Federico's mother.

3 Rane Ristoro

Maurizio Raselli is a young Piedmontese chef who has worked for years in starred restaurants: from London, to New Deli, passing through Siberia. Then he was tired of that world , he fall in love with a girl from Salento, and he opened  the best restaurant in Lecce: only 20 seats, and a fusion between tradition and innovation, between the cuisine of Northern Italy and that of Salento. A story with a happy ending from which you can enjoy the excellent results.

All'ombra del Barocco

The restaurants, hosted inside a well-known library, is an elegant and welcoming place  located inside a 17th century building. It is possible to taste traditional Apulian dishes, surrounded by shelves with books of both local culture and narrative
Outside, a small terrace, where you can also dine watching the walk of the people of Lecce on the weekend.

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