The project

Salento Bici Tour is a no-profit organisation, founded in 2011 by the ideas and passion of two young guys from Salento.
We want to help spread the bicycle as a mean of transport, developing cycle tourism in Salento, and stimulate a critical knowledge of the territory and landscape, sustaining and giving visibility to the local firms and people.
We collaborate with Administrations, Local Businesses and Schools regarding projects about Eco-Transportation.
In line with the “I Slow You" Tour Operator, we organize guided cycling excursions and tours (ranging from the duration of a day, a week-end or a week) with the purpose of giving time to slowly relish with all the senses the region of Salento (Apulia), up to its most hidden corners. 
We believe the bicycle is one of the keys to opening the door to a wiser, more equal world, bringing awareness to its limitations. In our daily lives we promote a lifestyle focused on the reduction of consumption. We want to restrain the excessive use of cars, to assist in ending the offenses carried on to the landscape and the production oriented era that damage the environment and health of the people.
We offer to locals and visitors the chance to slowly cross Apulia at a pace set by ones own strength, to explore and rediscover the territory through using the senses that can be lost when you are locked in a car. Seeing Apulia by bike you will relearn the beauty of experiencing the environment with your eyes, nose and ears, all discovered by the power of your pedaling!


June 12, 2014