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Salento. We're in the "heel" of Italy, on a peninsula that, jutting south-east, divides two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian.  

Salento was settled in prehistoric era. Situated in a strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, Salento has been populated by different peoples, each leaving a particular heritage with the land. Messapians, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Angevines... It's highly unusual to find such a concentration of cultures and sites all in once place. From neolithic cave paintings, to ruins of ancient cities, to Roman theaters and spas, to rupestrian crypts carved into the rock, to fortified castles, or Baroque churches, Salento is an open-air museum. It offers the perfect marriage of nature and culture. Even the farmers are inadvertent artists using special techniques to build out of mortarless stone, creating a unique landscape unlike any in the world! 
This land smiles at the bicycle tourist! Its hillocks never climb more than 200 meters and even beginners can easily enjoy its beauty by bicycle. And the sea - words cannot describe it's beauty, which has become internationally renowned.   
But we wish to bring light to the many treasures hidden, not only by the sea, but also inland! In the entroterra, we find many small farms and artisans who strictly follow traditional ethics and respect for the land. Salento today is a land as fragile as it is beautiful, threatened by several environmental factors, it is our job, both residents and visitors, to take care of and respect its slow and deep breath.