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Sustainable mobility

No territory is a good cycling destination if local people do not use bicycles in their daily life. Our projects.

Bicycle highway

Bicycle highway
At the bottom of the heel of Italy there is a coastal road leading from the town of Otranto to the town of Santa Maria di Leuca.

Sac "Salento di mare e di pietre"

Sac "Salento di mare e di pietre"

We believe that no destination can really be a good destination for cycle tourism if its territory is not bike friendly.

Things we share

Things we share

Salento in summer is full of patronal feasts, festivals, concerts.

Lecce Pedala - active citizenship movement

Lecce Pedala- active citizenship movement

Salento Bici Tour is one of the founders and one of the most active members of Lecce Pedala: a network of associations, citizens, businesses that are involved in making the city

Cycling in Matino

Cycling in Matino

Matino is a suggestive medieval village, where small streets climb between two rocky canals, called “the Universe” and “the Real”.

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