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Fondazione Le costantine

Real landmark in our excursions around Otranto, it is a center devoted to biodynamic agriculture and the rediscovery of ancient textile arts.

Camping Santa Maria di Leuca (Leuca)

The lovely Erminia has supported our project from the beginning. We always stay here with pleasure during our bike & camp trips, and we also use the camp for some educational activities.

Agricampeggio Darwin (Otranto)

A stone's throw from the Alimini lakes, this is an ideal place for our bike & camp trips: so much space all to ourselves and the chance to play music, cook and sing together.

Sergio de Riccardis

‘U Fotografo’, Sergio, is Salento Bici Tour’s official photographer. Most of the photos you see on the website are his. He provides us with wonderful pictures and great company (at least when he’s not falling asleep!)

Contrada Lusci (Seclì)

Kika and Edward have created a little paradise in the countryside of Seclì, using biodynamic agriculture, craft production and a great deal of care for things, words and, above all, people.

Vulcanicamente Association (San Cesario di Lecce)

Four ‘explosive’ girls, including our own Giulia, who collaborate with us in training projects and youth education. Vulcanicamente is one of the ‘twin’ projects that we’ve worked with since the beginning.

Salento Verticale Association (Gagliano del Capo)

The passion of David and his friends for climbing helped us to discover a new perspective from which to view our land.

Smarè Association (Santa Maria di Leuca)

They organize sailing courses for children and adults. We travel on pedals, they move with the wind... but the style is the same: at a slow pace and in silence. 

Regional Park of Otranto's Coast - Leuca and Tricase's Wood
An area that includes one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Italy: we dream of making - one day not too far away - a bike path. We are working with the Park Authority on numerous projects for the promotion of sustainable tourism. 
Amici di Nico

Involved in the ‘CREATTIVAMENTE’ project, this association, founded by the courage and strength of an extraordinary woman, cares for autistic children and their families.