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Internal Training

Training has always been, and continues to be, a crucial point for Salento Bici Tour: we believe that the best way to learn is by “doing” and, above all, we believe in never stop learning.
    With this spirit we try to work on ourselves, as individuals, as professionals and as a team, to carry out a project that we feel is constantly evolving.
We cultivate "a mind that does not know", carrying on the attitude of the beginner even after years of work.
    The constant sharing of our values ​​and our knowledge with the younger generations, with our European peers, and with the older generations allows us to keep a window open on the world and feed (self) critical thinking.
Be trained and training are two fundamental keys for our growth and for a harmonious evolution of our project.
    Every year we organize meetings to work on ourselves: we stop a few days to reflect how much we have grown as people and as professionals, we work on our interpersonal relationships, we try to understand how to improve the quality of life and work.

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Internal Training
I Ciclopi Srl
Via Buonarroti, 30

73100 Lecce
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