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Salento Bici Tour organizes week-long biking tour in Apulia. We aim to share the wonders of this territory using the mean most adapted to it: the bicycle!
We run most of our cycling tour in low/medium season, from March to June, and from September to mid-November, thus we can enjoy warm weather and deserted ladscapes.
We offer bike trips in small groups (usually from 6/8 people), to explore -  accompanied by a local guide - the extraordinary landscape of our area.
WEEK - LONG CLASSIC TOUR: This is the most complete of our guided tour, with local guide h24, accommodations in B&B, hotels or farmhouse, dinners, sailing tour and/or cooking class! 
BUDGET TRAVEL - BIKE & CAMP: a low cost solution for the audacious, bike and tent, accommodations in campsites and agriturismi, great fun! A slow week travel, in kinetic energy between the towns, the villages, the countryside and the sea.
LEARNING ITALIAN BY BIKE: an Italian-language course - by bike! Or a bike trip that's also an Italian-language course. The best of both worlds! With certified DITALS instructors. 
SCHOOL TRIP: A bicycle holiday thought for middle and high schools from all over Europe. During the tour, the students will mainly move walking or riding a bike, exploring natural reserves or different hamlets. It will not miss formative and playful activities.